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Links of interest

The following links include information on Commodore 8-bit and 16-bit computers, ranging from the ancient Commodore PET to the upper echelon Commodore Amiga.

Commodore PET

    Obsolete Computer Museum The Obsolete Computer Museum has a web page with information on the Commodore PET. Ed Beroset from North Carolina has a nice review of this Commodore Classic.

    8-bit Nirvana: PET 2001 Sascha Hoogen has put together a marvelous website with information pertaining all Commodore Computers (including the PET). Although this page is in Dutch, you can view a translation of it here.

    Commodore PET Hardware review Ludwig Braun wrote a wonderful review of the PET in the July-August 1978 issue of Creative Computing magazine. Here is the original article in HTML format.

Commodore VIC-20 A nice web site with information on the Commodore VIC-20. Nice information on the more technical aspects of the VIC-20 computer.

    Commodore VIC-20 KC's web page "The Computer Closet" has loads of information on a variety of computers, including the Commodore VIC-20. Well thought out and designed!

    Commodore VIC-20 demos Marko Makela has designed a professional web site on the full spectrum of Commodore 8-bit computers. His page on Commodore VIC-20 demos is the nicest I have seen thus far.

Commodore 64

    The Commodore 8-bit WWW server Another of Marko's brilliant pages, this one has excellent information on the Commodore 64, including port and I/O details, a memory map and several links.

    Protovision A "homebrew" company that has produced some rather remarkable games and utilities for the Commodore 64. Some of the best PAL and NTSC games I have ever seen!

    Commodore, Inc. The official web site for Commodore! Of course, this web site wasn't created by Commodore itself, but by the holders of the current Commodore patents (Tulip, I believe). Keep an eye on this one!

Commodore Plus/4 and 16

    Gods of the Universe A Hungarian demo group has put out some of the coolest graphical demos and games ever on the Plus/4! Worth checking out!

    The Commodore Plus/4 resource The best, most comprehensive  web site on the Commodore Plus/4 and 16! One of the nicest pages you'll ever see!

    The 264 (Plus/4) Memory Map Page From the archive comes the Plus/4 Memory Map! Important memory locations for programming the Plus/4 and 16!

Commodore 128/D

    The Commodore 128 Page René van Belzen has produced an informative and unique web page on the awesome Commodore 128! Great information, as well as utilities to type in and save!

    8-Bit Nirvana: Commodore 128 Sascha Hoogen strikes again! This page includes a brief section on the history of the Commodore 128, as well as awesome technical specifications for the "three-in-one" computer system!

    Commodore 128 Documents Technical documents for the Commodore 128 computer, including an HTML version of the Commodore 128 System Guide! Wonderful!

Commodore Amiga

    Amiga Web Directory The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (CUCUG) has created a wonderful, informative web site on the Commodore Amiga! The best part is the links section.

General Commodore pages

    Here be Commodore Computers. Be in Awe. Bo's wonderful web page on all the Commodore computers, peripherals, disk drives...and even watches and calculators! Great stuff!

    Amiga - So the World May Know The Amiga is bacck! Commodore's Amiga exists in Snoqualmie, WA and is headed by President and CEO Bill McEwen! They actually sell *new* Amiga computers and products! Wow!

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